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Shmuel Zailer

Raz-Lee Security, Inc.
Chief Executive & Technology Officer
12 Engelwood, Nanuet NY
Shmuel founded Raz-Lee Security 35 years ago. He has been working with IBM i since its release to the market. Prior to that, he worked with S/38, the predecessor of the AS/400. He is a renowned expert in IBM i technology with a passion for developing software that is user-friendly and comprehensive for the IBM i ecosystem. He was at the forefront of developing IBM i related security and system software products that maximize the potential of the IBM i. Shmuel is the architect of a wide range of products, including Raz-Lee’s flagship iSecurity suite. His vast knowledge of the IBM i ecosystem and his hands-on approach makes him an authority in providing security solutions for the IBM i. Prior to joining Raz-Lee, Shmuel managed the software departments of several large corporations.